GED Test Prep for South Africa

GED Test Prep for South Africa-Online Course

The GED test is a series of four sub-tests on the subject fields of English language, science, social studies, and math. Upon successful completion of the tests, students will receive the GED diploma, which is considered the equivalency of a regular US High School Diploma.

The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) have evaluated the GED® as being the closest comparable qualification to the National Senior Certificate®.

Graduates may apply to Universities South Africa (USAf) for Foreign Conditional Exemption with their GED® Credential, accompanied by a letter of admission from an appropriately accredited US university*.

Once you have completed your GED® exams we will assist and advise you on how to obtain your foreign conditional exemption from Universities SA.

GED Test Prep for South Africa

GED Test Prep gives you access to all lessons and practice tests for the four GED subject tests, as well as Progress Checking and Test-Taking Strategies. In the end, you will have the ability to pass the GED test and get the GED diploma. You deserve it.

Smart GED Preparatory Courses

The innovative GED Test Prep course comes with engaging video lessons, useful practice tests, a progress tracking system, and testing strategies to pass the four GED subject tests fast. Test Prep provides prep courses for the four GED subtests in Social Studies, Math, Literacy, and Science.

The course allows you to prepare for the tests effectively through bite-sized, successive steps. Lessons center on one topic at a time and make sometimes complicated concepts easy to understand.

Now You Take Control!

Getting all set for four GED tests is a serious business. The Test Prep program will save you from procrastination and quitting.

There are so many students who didn’t pass (or even take) the GED test because they failed to stay motivated or even quit before testing.  With the Test Prep course, this won’t be happening. You take control and make decisions like how much time you will spend on learning, how often you will learn, and at what speed you want to progress.

Effective and Proven GED Preparation
  • 480 Video Lessons. Watch video lessons covering the four GED subject tests
  • 94 Comprehensive Practice Tests and 366 mini-quizzes to identify your weak and strong points
  • GED Test Taking Strategies. Smart strategies for passing the GED Test, learn what works the best
  • Progress Tracking. You can easily resume your learning any time you log into your account on any device; your progress will be synchronized
  • Friendly Support.
Interesting, Full of Images Video Lessons
Sync The Course On All Devices

It’s easy to resume your studying on all your devices. Just log into your account and start working towards your GED! The system will synchronize your progress and you can also check all of your previous lessons and answers and track your improvement.

A Highly Effective Prep Course With Expert Guidance

This course will get the most out of every minute that you will spend on studying. This course will take your GED learning experience to the next level. Our instructors are ready to support you with getting your desired scores through highly effective strategies and practices.

GED Test Prep South Africa is provided by Master Academy Learning Center.

We welcome parents and students to get familiar with the GED Test Prep course, so please get in touch for more details.